Introducing WHAA


Workplace Health Association Australia (WHAA) – formerly the Health and Productivity Institute of Australia (HAPIA) – is a national organisation of health service providers who are committed to enhancing the health, wellbeing and productivity of organisations and their employees through the provision of a broad range of professionally delivered products and services.

  • WHAA’s vision is to be the pre-eminent voice for the corporate wellness industry in Australia, and for its members to be the first choice for those seeking corporate wellness services.
  • WHAA also oversees standards and accreditation of its member organisations and promotes ethical business practices within the industry.

  • To create business opportunities for WHAA members 
  • To promote the efficacy of workplace health as a viable strategy for improving productivity and reducing absence due to poor physical and/or emotional wellbeing
  • To implement programs that demonstrate improvement in the health and wellbeing status of Australian employees
  • To engage in advocacy in all sectors to promote the benefits of health & wellbeing to organisations, their employees and government policy makers

  • WHAA is a not-for-profit member-based industry association, which is funded mainly through membership fees plus conference revenue and corporate support.
  • WHAA is governed by a Board of 6 Directors. The President and 5 directors are appointed for two-year terms, half elected each year on a rotational basis.
  • Provider Members have full (1) voting rights at an AGM or other general meeting where a resolution is required. All other member categories have ‘associate rights’ to attend meetings and forums and contribute to the workplace health agenda

The Journey so far…

HAPIA was formed in 2007 by Australia’s leading corporate health and wellness providers who sought unified representation to government and business in relation to the role of the workplace in preventative health. Since 2007, HAPIA has introduced best practice and ethical guidelines into what was essentially an unregulated and unrepresented industry. Fundamental in this evolution has been the emergence of a unified industry voice providing representation at important State and Federal Government committees, such as the Health and Hospitals Reform Commission, and the opening of communication channels with government preventative health departments, all with the aim of influencing the future of health and preventative health in the workplace setting.

WHAA – renamed in August 2014 to more directly reflect the industry’s core business and objectives – has now established itself as the peak body for corporate wellness providers in Australia. Our contribution has been welcomed at major national and state forums where employee health is on the agenda. WHAA now has over 30 member organisations delivering over 80% of Australian corporate health industry services.

As a developing industry leader, WHAA is now currently focussed on:
  • Growing and developing the workplace health sector
  • Building relationships with and advocating to government and corporate stakeholders
  • Partnering in research studies to underpin the efficacy of workplace health investment
  • Creating a hub for critical information sharing by Members 

For more information:
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